Kreativ Natur Selbst

live your true

about me

I was born in Berlin in 1987 and had a wonderful daughter in 2014.
For years I was engaged in training in the field of flute playing, ensemble playing, singing and dancing. I explored various forms of creative expression, such as handicrafts, painting, masquerading, intuitive writing, improvised music making, meditative dancing.

I didn't feel well prepared for life or adulthood through school, my friends or family ... so my search began:
At first I worked in retail, telecommunications and in private households as a babysitter.

After that I did various internships: in digital film production, with the stonemason, in make-up, in theater sculpture, in occupational therapy (child and adolescent psychiatry, vocational rehabilitation, neurology, geriatrics) and at a democratic school.

Eventually I went on a major trip through Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Cuba, Mexico, Florida, California, and New York.
I then worked as an occupational therapist and studied education at the Free University of Berlin.

However, I had still learned very little about the art of living itself. Then I got a serious woman's disease ... this was followed by a long period of “apprenticeship years” of a different kind, in which I found many treasures that I would like to share with you.

Since I myself was not allowed to experience an initiation into being a woman as a teenager, I did this with self-chosen teachers. Among other things, I took part in a permanent women's group, did a women's vision quest and a moon festival (initiation into first bleeding and being a woman).
In addition, I embarked on a versatile search for a spiritual and healthy life and found the Vipassana meditation, body enlightenment and inspiration in the thoughts of my teachers (Elif Demir, Mayonah Bliss, Diana Richardson, Anna Halprin, Luisa Francia, Rebecca Wild, Heide-Maria Koubenec, Lothar Hahn, SN Goenka, Ilan Stephani and Sotantar Sing).

As a companion I would like to get to know you and listen to you. I want to find out what you need to be comfortable. This is how I get to understand you and your needs. Together we will find an individual expression for this in dance, song, art, craft or music. A necessity or an inner motivation arises from your current life situation or the moment, which I see as an opportunity to grow in a playful way.