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Womb Process

Dear woman,
you feel somehow cut off? Are you constantly stressed and out of balance? Not sure what you really need anymore? Tired of sex and somehow unsatisfied?

Through guided meditations you can make deep contact with your vulva, your uterus, your cervix and connect with the big picture. You can get important information for your health, your everyday life, your sexuality, your relationship to your body and to others.

I am an experienced tantric practitioner and researcher in the field of experimental relationship, conscious sexuality, reconnective bleeding, meditation and spirituality.

Here you can arrive and relax, take time for yourself.
You immerse yourself in the magical world of your womb... You can get to know and love yourself anew and will come back to your everyday life fresh and recharged and full of treasures.

Du hast ein Recht auf Freude und Lust- dich Strahlen zu sehen, ist mein größtes Geschenk.

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