Kreativ Natur Selbst

live your true

Intuitive process support

Would you like to be more lovingly in touch with yourself, your body and life?
Are you looking for effective methods to trust yourself more and to understand yourself better?
Would you like to be accompanied to more self-acceptance, a fulfilled relationship with you, your
sexuality and your body?

I want you to remember your essence, power and beauty. I believe that people begin to create a better world when they perceive themselves and their bodies again and understand and value them as reliable partners.

This intuitive process accompaniment is a space in which you can take as much time as you need to feel yourself, to listen to your body sensations, to wish for touch that supports you, to trust your movement impulses and to become creative.

Experience has shown that 1.5 hours has proven itself - if necessary, you can extend this time if I do not have a treatment afterwards.

Womb Process

Dear woman,
you feel somehow cut off? Are you constantly stressed and out of balance? Not sure what you really need anymore? Tired of sex and somehow unsatisfied?

Through guided meditations you can make deep contact with your vulva, your uterus, your cervix and connect with the big picture. You can get important information for your health, your everyday life, your sexuality, your relationship to your body and to others.

I am an experienced tantric practitioner and researcher in the field of experimental relationship, conscious sexuality, reconnective bleeding, meditation and spirituality.

Here you can arrive and relax, take time for yourself.
You immerse yourself in the magical world of your womb... You can get to know and love yourself anew and will come back to your everyday life fresh and recharged and full of treasures.

You have a right to joy and pleasure - seeing you shine is my greatest gift.


Body enlightenment is a gentle, life-changing body and energy work that involves the body on the way to memory and wholeness. The consciousness of the client and at the same time of the practitioner can thereby expand harmoniously and thus enable holistic healing.

Beneficial movements on the massage table invite you to let go ever deeper. Tensions, suppressed feelings and negative thought patterns can be released and transformed. This changes the body feeling and the entire being deep down to the cellular level. The body becomes lighter and lighter, which can have a relieving effect on all areas of life.

The spiritual teacher Ranjita developed Body-Enlightenment in California.

You should take about 2 hours for a treatment (including a preliminary talk and rest afterwards). Registration here. here.


Amour-Lifting-Bodywork is an armor-removing body and energy work that releases blockages in the body by pressing pain points. Unusual emotional or physical injuries can disrupt the flow of energy in the body. These can become noticeable through tension in the muscles and the surrounding connective tissue and pain.
This creates a physical and mental armoring of the affected areas.

Amour lifting bodywork enables you to feel these areas again. The improvement of the energy flow and the reconnection lead to the transformation of the blockages.

The method is a combination of different techniques that was developed by Sotantar Sing. Further information here:

You should take about 2.5 hours for a treatment (including a preliminary talk and rest afterwards). Registration here. here.


I am happy to read from you.